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Tired of reading through spam on Telegram or tens of channels on Discord?
With mouserBoard trustworthy posts are at the top, with live chat, polls, and more.


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ditch spam.

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mouserBoard is a platform to engage crypto-gamers in a more effective way.
Blockchain data is a valuable source for it, but current communication channels don't take it into account.

We help you to connect and share with top crypto-gamers like you.

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We love CryptoKitties and we first chose its community to validate our proof of concept.
Cheeze Wizards is our new integration and further games will come soon. Stay tuned!

Feel free to provide feedback and help us to improve.

Decentralisation on Ethereum
Decentralise it!

mouserBoard is currently a centralised platform, but you need only your Ethereum wallet to access.
We believe in a decentralised world and viable solutions for mouserBoard are being studied.

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